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Business Continuity

  • Highly secure
  • Premium facilities
  • Dedicated or multi-subscriber
  • Full platform recovery
  • Office and call seats
  • Multiple locations

Protecting what matters

The better your business the more you need to protect it. Adherence to RTO and RPO objectives is a necessity; all within a budget you can afford. Interactive can tailor a solution that protects the things that matter most, and we make the difficult easy.

Whether it’s critical IT systems or storage, call centre or communications, warm site or replicated services, there needs to be a plan and it needs to be tested and proven. With Interactive Business Continuity you get ultra-modern facilities, a brilliant team of planning and testing professionals, and the peace of mind knowing that Interactive is a proven Business Continuity specialist, who has delivered for thousands of tests and dozens of customers when they needed help most.

Business Continuity Facility
Sydney, NSW
Melbourne, VIC
Brisbane, QLD
Wayville, SA


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Interactive is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Australian Business Continuity Institute.

Interactive Business Continuity